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When two teenage boys accidentally stumble upon a murder scene in a dark forest, they quickly turn from innocent bystanders to suspected murderers, on the run from the law.  They are in search of one simple thing which turns out to be very elusive‚Ķ. the truth. Through cities, towns and forests, they uncover clues that take them one step closer to finding the real murderer. Will they find justice? Will they ever return home?  

 Murders in Maine is a novel written by Zachary Collins, a Canadian teenager with an impressive imagination.  Murders in Maine is a fast paced and engaging story full of fear, excitement, trepidation and relief. 

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The profit from every book sold is given to Free the Childrento fund the building of schools in emerging countries. Each dollar raised moves us closer to every child having access to education around the globe. Turning access to education from a privilege to a right is what has motivated Zachary to turn his ideas into pages. 

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Zach recently took his latest book Murders In Maine on the road, touring the East Coast and stopping for a book signing event in Portland, ME.